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The 79th Exhibit at the Ginza Graphic Gallery in Japan.
November 4 – 28, 1992
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I cannot express how pleased and honored I am to have my works shown in GGG gallery. All my life I have faithfully followed the work of Japanese designers from Hokusai to Kamekura. I am keenly aware of the contributions made by Japanese artists to the art of the West. They have influenced the Impressionists, the Constructivists, the Cubists as well as the designers who work in the fields of business and industry.

It is the tradition of great art that is so important to Japan and to the world. It is this tradition that I believe is so important not only for designers but for the world at large-as an expression of good will and understanding.

— Paul Rand

Gallery Information

Ginza Graphic Gallery
DNP Ginza Building 1st floor 7-2,
Ginza 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL: 03-3571-5206 / FAX:03-3289-1389

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