ITC Center Typographic Treasures

September 12 – November 16, 1984
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The Original Exhibit

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A retrospective exhibition of one of the world’s foremost graphic designers. Considered by international design authorities to be America’s leading pioneer in graphic design and typography. The exhibition covers the work of Paul Rand from 1934 to 1984.

*America’s contribution to genius in the field of advertising design and publishing, the “man who made graphic design happen, who fathered an entire school of thought.”_
Louis Dorfsman,
U&lc, March 1977

*The man whose “ideas have shaped contemporary design.”_
Jerome Snyder,
U&lc, March 1977

Gallery Information (CLOSED)

The ITC Center was established to introduce new and exciting typographic arts experiences. It is a growing resource for students and professionals.

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